Aurum codex


The Aurum Codex is a simple yet addictive slot machine. The game is available for free to play online. It has a basic interface based on flash technology and includes the usual icons that identify which reel to pull when a certain symbol is picked. Every time you pull a symbol, the computer will count how many times it has been used and charge you a small fee for using it.

The main theme of the Aurum codex is to create the ultimate casino gaming experience. The theme starts with the background music that fades in and out throughout the casino and includes sound effects similar to those of a video slot machine. Once everything has settled down, you are prompted with an easy to understand and simple to play video tutorial. You are then instructed on how to actually play the slot machines. The tutorial focuses on explaining the different winning icons and how you can properly place your bets on them.

The actual game play of the aurum codex is relatively simple. The tutorial guides you through how to use the slots by providing a short drill on how to actually use all of them. It explains the various strategies associated with winning and losing with the theme of high volatility. There is a minor theme related to luck with regards to the results of your bets, but this is not really a big deal as it is not something that would alter your betting strategy significantly.

The free spins feature in the aurum codex allows you to try out various slot offers without spending any money. This allows you to get a feel for the different games and the types of payout that each offer. It also allows you to test out the different slot machines and determine whether or not they are something that you will want to purchase as a result. The free spins allow you to do this without feeling too financially burdened.

It is obvious right from the start that this online slot machine game has a big pay out. In fact, it is possible to gain hundreds of dollars in very little time if you play your cards right. The key to enjoying big wins with this game comes from how you choose your symbols and bet according to these symbols. Each symbol corresponds to a specific casino game that you are playing. It is important to make sure that you know which symbols will result in which game.

For example, a good time to play this casino game with the aurum codex theme is when the odds are fairly even. This means that there is no trend to any particular symbol. Instead, the symbol values tend to be small and consistent throughout the entire run of the game. Playing this type of game when the odds are even gives you the opportunity to get the most value for each single symbol that you place into the machine.

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