Happy Drinker: Five Drinks That You Must Try in Casinos

Happy Drinker Five Drinks That You Must Try in Casinos

You know that casinos are places to Happy Drinker merrily. Some gambling halls offer them for free, while others do not. Do you know what is not unique among all of them? They have a list of branded and delicious drinks that you must never fail to try. If you want to know your choices, we shall give you a list of the crowd’s favorites.

#1. Beer

No casino will miss adding beer to their list, and they offer it for free. Once you are new, the casino shall give you a stub for your free drinks. It may not be an unlimited offer, but it has the lowest price among all of them. Another that keeps this drink at the first choice is it does not make you drunk quickly. You can savor it until you finish the game, but it does not substantially affect your senses.

#2. Happy Drinker in Casino with Gin and Tonic

You can have more choices if you go with this combo. Gin gained more popularity when the market hit the 20th century. Add it some lime and chili, and you are up for the hottest drink in the casino. It gives off an intense sensation once it hits your throat. Your soul is probably up the whole night! However, please do not drink too much of it, for you may have a headache the next day.

#3. Old-Fashioned

If your tastebuds are into rum or whiskey, then you may try this kind. It has a sweet and orangy taste that blends well to the drink. Plus, it is a favorite drink in movies that highlight casinos. It gives off a fancy vibe as if you are in a 5-star hotel chilling with some girls in a club. You must drink it slowly if you do not want it to kick in hard to not focus on the game.

#4. Happy Drinker of Screaming Blue Viking

Not all casinos offer this one, but if you happen to visit one, never miss this drink. However, prepare your wallet for it comes at a higher price. You may call yourself a Viking for this strong liquor with some bourbon, peppermint, and blue curacao splash. It can be an excellent choice when playing roulette or baccarat.

#5. Dry Martini

It is the most expensive among the five drinks we listed here. While it is not the crowd’s favorite, it is a symbol of casinos for James Bond made it famous. This potent drink has vodka, vermouth, green olive, and lemon in it. As you sip each liquid on your glass, you may feel that you are in the Classic Royale movie.


Drinks in casinos come in different mixes and tastes. Whether you are only a beginner or a pro, you must keep it on a level where you can still play with senses. As a piece of bonus advice, you can give a bigger tip to waitresses so they can bring another bottle of free drink!

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