Job Hunting: Questions for a Live Dealer Applicant

Job Hunting: Three Typical Questions for a Live Dealer Applicant

There are many job hunting that you may find in a casino. You may become a bouncer, a waitress, or a bartender. However, casinos will not be complete without a table dealer. They are the ones who will guard the house edge against the players.

Like other jobs, there is a need to interview applicants for casino dealers. If you want to become one, then you have to prepare yourself. You can ease the pressure of answering the questions by proper research. In this article, we will lay essential items that they would probably throw in the interview. Plus, we will also provide tips on how you can answer them.

#1. In your Job Hunting Do You Find Any Difficulty Making a Crucial Decision Related to Work?

We will not focus on the intro, for that is a given on any interviews. Instead, we shall open questions related to dealing in casinos. In this part, they want to know if you have ever made a crucial decision and how you went about it. As a dealer, you must be able to weigh the cards and assess if you have a chance at winning. They will not hire people who are bad at judging the situation.

You could answer this question by being honest to them if you did encounter that situation. Explain clearly the problem you faced and the steps of coming up with a solution. Please do not forget to highlight the end-result of what you made. It will let your employer knows that you reaped an excellent result in that situation.

#2. Why Do You Want to Become a Dealer If You Can Be Something Else?Casino Online

The interviewers are weighing your eagerness to be a dealer in this question. There is a truth behind this one, for not everyone wants to become a dealer. Apart from the unhealthy time, you have to deal with a lot of pressure and many gamblers.

To address this question, you can tell them your plans before you decided to become a dealer. Back your story up with reasons you became interested and what made you fall in love with the job. You can also highlight if you have been into a similar experience before or have a passion for playing cards and table games.

#3. In Job Hunting What Are Your Abilities That You Consider as an Edge Once You Get the Job?Casino Online

Now is the time you put your strengths as a person and as an employee to the table. Emphasize things like being an extrovert, your passion for serving people, and your ability to observe and think quickly. You must have a list on your mind on the capabilities a dealer must have, and provide an example of how you can achieve them.


Becoming a casino dealer is not an easy task, and you must impress during the interview. The casino’s future in each game is in your hands, so do not expect to hire you instantly. It will take a lengthy deliberation process, and you must ace that interview to leave an impression on employers. It may not be an easy task, but working in a casino can be fun and exciting.

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